Private health insurance


As a private patient at Neodirect HEALTH +, you enjoy a free choice of doctor and hospital in the event of illness – including treatment by the chief physician or alternative practitioner services. Whether daily sickness benefit, reimbursement of prescription fees or medicine at top conditions – your private health insurance adapts to your needs.

We help you to find the right choice for your optimal insurance cover from 16,000 tariff options from over 40 insurance companies and save up to €2,400 a year.


All-round protection!

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We support you in digitizing your insurance and optimizing it at the same time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.




It is advisable for employees to take out insurance with daily sickness allowance from the 43rd day of illness.


It is worth checking whether it is possible to switch to private health insurance. Here you usually get better services at a cheaper rate.


In order to compensate for your loss of earnings in the event of illness, a sufficiently high daily sickness allowance should be agreed in your supplementary insurance.


A conscientious and complete answering of all health questions is the basis of your insurance cover. If you provide incomplete or incorrect information, the insurer has the right to withdraw from the contract in the event of a claim.


Private health insurance can be terminated at the end of the year with three months’ notice. In this case, however, the age provisions are lost.


The range of services is very extensive:

Outpatient services include the free choice of doctor and naturopath, no co-payments for medication and the most modern and alternative healing methods. The inpatient services include the free choice of hospital, treatment by the chief physician and accommodation in a single or double room. The dental services are also significantly better compared to statutory health insurance: Up to 100% of the costs for dental treatment, dentures and orthodontics are covered, and the insured person also receives continued salary payments, daily hospital allowances and insurance cover abroad.


The compulsory insurance limit defines the gross income up to which compulsory insurance in a statutory health insurance company exists. The amount of the compulsory insurance limit is set annually on January 1st. In 2022, this limit will be EUR 64,350 gross income per year. Employees whose gross earnings are above this limit can switch to private health insurance.