Better together neodirect & blau direkt

Who is blue direct?

If you work with us longer and read our documents and contracts, you will notice that we often mention a company called "Blau direkt." The Blau direkt GmbH is our service provider for technology and the interface to all insurance companies we offer you. We have selected " blue direkt " to give you the best support possible. And just with the simplr App "blue direkt" proves his skills. 

BLAU DIREKT will not have the capability to engage with you directly. This responsibility falls entirely to Neodirect; we stand as your dedicated broker and primary point of contact.

Through Blau direkt, we bridge the communication gap with insurance providers, ensuring expedited interactions and consequently, swifter service execution. Our partnership with Blau Direct extends our network to industry giants such as Allianz, ARAG, AXA, and Alte Leipziger, and that's just the beginning of the list. The administrative tasks are vast, but through our collaboration with "blau direkt," we efficiently navigate and manage these complexities on your behalf.


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