Better together neodirect & blau direkt

Who Exactly is Blau Direkt?

If you've been collaborating with us for a while, diving into our documents and contracts, you might have noticed frequent mentions of a company named "Blau direkt." Blau direkt GmbH stands as our go-to technology service provider and the bridge to all the insurance companies we introduce you to. We deliberately chose "Blau direkt" to ensure you receive the highest level of support possible, a testament to their expertise is clearly demonstrated through the Simplr App.

Partnering with Blau direkt:

Blau direkt plays a pivotal role in supporting us with all administrative tasks, while we, Neodirect, remain your primary point of contact. We're here to address your unique concerns and questions, providing direct assistance whenever you need it.

Streamlined Inquiry Processing:

Thanks to our direct link with Blau direkt, we're able to handle your inquiries efficiently and swiftly. This partnership allows us to meet your needs promptly, ensuring you always have the best insurance coverage available.

Exclusive Access to Premier Insurance Solutions:

Blau direkt maintains relationships with top insurance firms like Allianz, ARAG, AXA, and Alte Leipziger, granting us access to special conditions we can pass on to you:

  •  A wider range of products: Select from an extensive variety of insurance options.
  •  Better pricing and benefits: Benefit from the favorable conditions we've negotiated on your behalf.
Your Benefit: Relieving You of the Burden:

With Blau direkt taking care of the administrative load, you can steer clear of bureaucratic obstacles. Our aim is to maximize your satisfaction through a seamless experience.

Dedicated to Service:

With Blau direkt by our side, we are wholly focused on delivering the best service possible to you.
Sit back and enjoy the perks of professional care while we handle everything.

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