NEO's Simplr APP.

You can easily manage your contracts in your Simplr app
online. Damages are reported quickly with just a few clicks
in the app.

Change ur address quickly

Changes made easy! You can easily enter personal data such as your name, address or bank details on the app itself . Your contact person is of course available to you at any time.

You only recognize good insurance in the event of a claim”

  • Damage reporting made easy
  • We are also there for you personally in the event of damage
  • Simply report damage via the app
  • Submit photos, invoices and receipts directly via simplr
  • All correspondence is transparent and secure in the digital insurance folder
  • Queries, refunds, contact – the simplr app is your digital helper


Our Neo-Bot also supports you in tariff optimization for your existing contracts . He regularly looks at your existing tariffs and suggests changes if there is a reason to do so.


Get Neo's simplr app

Simply register online for free and use our Neo simplr app.
Do the spring cleaning on the subject of “insurance” and enjoy the digital functions as well as the service from our personal insurance brokers!

Highlights of the simplr APP at a glance.

In the NEODIRECT Simplr app (TheNEO App), you can manage your contracts clearly and, above all, conveniently online, and you will have a personal contact person (NEO) who clarifies all your questions and quickly solves your problems.

You will also receive an analysis of your current insurance situation and the possible potential. We help you break down your insurance situation, bundle all vital information such as contributions, deadlines or insurance numbers, and the associated documents so that you have an overview of all data with one click.


The main features

For free

Our service is absolutely free for you


We are independent and not tied to any insurance company


We have nothing to hide and you are welcome to ask us any questions


Simply download the app and after a few minutes all your contracts will be recorded

Questions And Answers
To The Simplr APP

Can I also manage insurance that I did not take out with Neodirect?

Of course you can manage all your insurances with our simplr app .

You enter the existing contracts quickly and easily. In this case, however, you must enter changes yourself . If this is too time-consuming for you, you can use the “Activate” button in the app to change brokers and entrust us with looking after your insurance. Completely free of charge and we will then automatically check your contracts for topicality and possible gaps.

How much does the simplr app cost?

You can use the simplr app for free. You get a full version and can use all simplr functions, such as managing your insurance , reporting a claim , or creating insurance comparisons , free of charge.

Why do you need my mobile number?

After registering online , simplr will send you a confirmation code via SMS to your mobile phone. This prevents misuse by other users.

How secure is my data in simplr?

Your data is safe with simplr, as we are subject to the German Data Protection Act, which prohibits the disclosure of your personal data . Through end-to-end encryption of mobile data transmission, we also ensure that unauthorized persons have no access to your data.

What data is stored about me?

Simplr only stores personal data that is important for processing business processes. This is your postal address, your date of birth and your e-mail, as we need this information to fulfill our legal documentation obligations. Depending on which insurance is managed via simplr, other necessary information is also stored. Your data will only be used for order processing.

Who can see my data?

Only our employees at Neodirect GmbH Co KG and blau direkt GmbH & Co KG (our service provider who oversees the simplr app) have access to it. All of these employees are all subject to strict confidentiality obligations.

If you take out new insurance via the simplr app, only the data required for this will be forwarded to the departments required to process your order.

How do I cancel?

You can terminate the cooperation with Neodirect at any time without notice.

Why can't I see any contracts or documents in my access?

If you cannot see a document despite the notification , it may be because you have multiple accesses to the app. Ask your contact person for the correct access data.

What do I do if I get a notification about a new document?

Thats is quite easy:

1. Download the simplr app from the Appstore or Playstore to your smartphone or go to

2. Get your access data from your personal insurance broker.

3.Log in to simplr in the app or via the web.

What advantage do I have if I let Neodirect take care of the insurance?

All insurance policies that have been taken out via Neodirect or that you have transferred to our care will automatically appear in your insurance administration with continuously updated data.

How long has the Simplr app been around?

The simplr app for your smartphone has been available since 2015. Simplr’s fully integrated web app followed two years later.

How do I get my personal access data for simplr?

If you are already a customer of ours, please contact your neo (insurance broker) and we will send you your personal simple access data.

How can I register with Simplr?

Just follow this link: “ Register now

For the registration we need your title, user name (can be chosen freely), first name, last name, e-mail address and mobile phone number.

How can I correct incorrect data?

Thats is quite easy. Inform your Neo insurance broker by e-mail. He immediately corrects the error for you. In addition, he also checks whether your insurer has the correct data and ensures that your insurance cover is guaranteed.

How can I change my user data?

Your username will be set when you register. If you already have access to your personal insurance folder, only your personal contact person (NEO) can change the username for you if the new username is still available.

How can I delete a duplicate account?

Thats is quite easy. Send a short message to info(at) . We’re happy to take care of it.

Why am I getting notifications from simplr?

simplr is the access to the service portal for your insurance companies. Neodirect notifies you when anything important happens with your insurance.

You don’t have to do anything.

As a rule, we have already checked and dealt with everything and if it is different, we will inform you of this separately.

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