Ruerup pension

In principle, you can take advantage of state benefits for your private old-age provision and make good provision for your future while enjoying attractive tax advantages . Whether self-employed, freelance, employed or civil servant: With “NEODIRECT RÜRUP +” you receive exclusive advice from our experts, who can make you an offer tailored to your personal situation.

Your contribution payments can be adjusted to your current financial situation at different times and are safe from seizure . In this way, your saved monthly pension is guaranteed for the rest of your life . With the Rürup pension, you secure yourself high tax advantages, especially as a freelancer or self-employed person, but you also benefit from the enormous tax savings as an employee or civil servant.


Well earned, invested safely and saved on taxes!

Ruerup pension


Tax-deductible deposit

Flexible deposit

Lifetime annuity payment

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