Household insurance


The things you habitually surround yourself with make you feel good. Do not underestimate their material value, which you have to compensate for in the event of damage. If all movable objects in your household fall victim to a fire, for example, there will be a great financial loss.

Household contents insurance for private provision should therefore not be missing in any household. In the event of an insured event, not only are the destroyed items reimbursed at replacement value, but also the costs for clean-up work, repairs or hotel accommodation. In this way, your private property is fully protected in the event of damage.

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It is important to ensure that windows and doors are closed when leaving the house. If you are guilty of negligence here, the insurer can refuse compensation in whole or in part.


With an agreement on a partial deductible in the event of damage, the insurance premium can be permanently reduced.


You should report a move to your insurer immediately and use this opportunity to have your sum insured recalculated. For a transitional period of two months, your household effects in the old apartment will continue to be insured.


If you merge households, you should check whether you have two household contents insurance policies. The more recent contract can be terminated immediately.


It makes sense to have the new value of your household goods appraised regularly. If the insurance sum is set too low, you will have double the damage if the worst comes to the worst, since the replacement can only be refinanced proportionately.



Home contents insurance makes sense for you if you run your own household. Fire or burglary can cause a great deal of financial damage. Household contents insurance makes sense, especially if your furniture is very valuable or if you own high-quality technical equipment. Same if you live in a detached house.
Estimate the value of all your possessions and consider whether you could replace them out of your own pocket in the event of damage. If not, you should take out household contents insurance.


Household contents insurance protects the items of daily use in your private living area. In addition to the apartment, the living area also includes a balcony, terrace, outbuilding, garage and laundry room. Valuables are also insured up to a specified amount, work and sports equipment, vehicles (e.g. lawnmowers, toy vehicles) and awnings that are attached outside.
Household contents insurance covers damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, mains water, burglary, robbery or storms. You can have risks such as glass breakage or bicycle theft included in the insurance contract.


The sum insured should correspond to the current replacement value of your household contents. Insurers normally estimate €500 to €700 per square meter of living space. However, if the value of your household contents is lower or higher, you can set an appropriate sum insured yourself. You should regularly check whether the sum insured is still appropriate in order to avoid over- or under-insurance. The insurer calculates your premium based on the sum insured, the tariff zone in which you live and the type of building of the house