Care Allowance

As a supplementary care insurance, NEODIRECT CARE + provides lifelong insurance cover – combined with the greatest possible freedom of choice in terms of care services.

Being mobile and independent in old age is desirable. However, the need for care can affect anyone . It is good to have at least financially ensured the best possible leeway and freedom of choice. In the event of an insured event, private daily allowance insurance guarantees the full benefits to which you are entitled from the first day, no matter where you are in the world.

You decide where you want to be cared for and how the daily care allowance insurance should be used. In this way, you not only maintain your own independence but also protect your own assets and those of your family.*



For your cultivated future


REQUIREMENTS: It is generally advisable to take out supplementary care insurance as early as possible and when you are in the best of health. The older you are, the higher the premiums.

DYNAMIC: The NEODIRECT CARE + supplementary care insurance contains a dynamic adjustment of the contributions and benefits in order to compensate for the general increase in costs. Even in the event of a claim, you can increase the contributions every three years.

HEALTH QUESTIONS: Health questions must be answered carefully and truthfully. If you provide incorrect or incomplete information, you will jeopardize your insurance cover.

WAITING PERIOD: The NEODIRECT CARE + tariff pays from the first day after the need for care is determined. There are no waiting times.



The benefits of statutory long-term care insurance and the actual costs of long-term care are often disproportionate. The person in need of care or their relatives who are responsible for maintenance pay the difference out of their own pocket. Here, the private supplementary care insurance covers the additional costs up to the agreed maximum daily rate and at the same time offers lifelong insurance protection. With private supplementary care insurance, you close your supply gap and protect yourself and your family from the high costs of needing care.


Care level I “ Severely in need of care” need help with personal hygiene, eating, getting up or getting around at least once a day (basic care) and they need help around the house several times a week. They require 90 minutes of assistance per day, of which at least 45 minutes is for basic care.

Care Level II “ People in need of heavy care” need basic care at least three times a day and domestic help several times a week. Altogether, the need is three hours a day, of which at least two hours are spent on basic care.

Care level III » People in need of serious care« need around-the-clock care. Basic care alone accounts for at least 4 hours a day.


From the first day you need care, you will receive a daily allowance in the individually agreed amount. You can use the daily allowance freely for your care without proof of costs – regardless of whether you are being cared for at home or in a nursing home. For care levels I, II and III you will receive 100% of the agreed daily allowance rate. When you are first placed in one of the three care levels, the supplementary care insurance makes a one-off payment. You can use this sum for necessary conversion measures or necessary purchases. The NEODIRECT CARE + tariff does not include waiting times and benefits worldwide.