How does NEODIRECT work?

NEODIRECT is transparent and bring you the Insight into your insurance matters . We’re the Insurance experts who are always there for you – either in person or in digital format . In addition, we recommend optimization suggestions with suitable tariffs from a large number of insurance providers if we think it makes sense. Absolutely non-binding and free of charge. We offer you the necessary Overview of all your contracts in one app.

Our credo is that your trust is our gain, not your contracts!

Competent advice from trained insurance brokers

Your NEODIRECT insurance expert is your constant companion and will help you to understand the insurance world free of charge. We promise you that there will not be a question that your personal advisor will not clarify or answer for you. In addition, we offer a large network of experts for all insurance specialties.

NEODIRECT is there for you. Personal and digital

NEODIRECT checks and evaluates your current contractsindependently , transparently and free of charge. So that you get clarity in your contracts . We show you savings potential and performance optimization . You will find out which of your contracts suits your current life situation or makes sense.

You can reach us personally in our office or during a personal appointment at your home. We can also clarify your questions and requests in an online meeting. We invite all our VIP customers to our ” neo events” once or twice a year. This can be a party and also online seminars on certain topics.

broker power of attorney. brokerage contract. Privacy Statement.

The brokerage contract regulates the tasks that we should take on for you and also the obligations that you have as our client in order not to jeopardize the insurance cover .
This means that if something changes in your life, you have to tell us so that you do n’t jeopardize the insurance cover or pay too much. For example, it is important to submit a new address or when you get married or have a child . The new address can change the risk of your household contents insurance, as there may be a different risk situation, such as flood areas or parts of town with a high rate of burglaries. In the case of a wedding or partnership, liability insurance is usually sufficient for both and thus saves money.

consent to data protection
Data protection is our top priority and we need your consent right at the beginning of our business relationship that we may work with your data and also pass on your data to insurance companies, risk assessors and other service providers. Providers of comparison computers and software programs will also hand over your data for processing and everything must comply with data protection guidelines .

As an insurance broker, we act on your behalf towards your insurance company. For this we need a power of attorney to show the insurance company that you have authorized us to adjust your contracts, to terminate them etc. This power of attorney must be comprehensive , as the insurance companies do not want to check in each individual case which powers of attorney the broker has. In the brokerage contract, we put this into perspective in order to explain to you exactly what our contract contains in your case.

What is an insurance agent

Insurance agents are always tied to specific providers and represent them at the customer. This means that insurance agents work with one or sometimes several insurers and only offer their products. The advice for the customer can therefore only be included in a limited range of providers.
Advantages of insurance agents: Due to a smaller range of products, they are very familiar with the respective services of their insurance company(s). In this way, the customer’s needs can be optimally determined and he knows exactly what advantages and disadvantages the product offers.

If a representative advises his customers poorly or violates his documentation and information obligations, he is not liable as representative, but the respective insurer.
There are basically two types of insurance agents. One-company representatives and also multiple agents. Both are tied to their insurers, but differ in the number of connections.
One-company agents work for only one insurance company and there are no other competitive offerings other than that insurer’s products. This is referred to as “ exclusive agents ”.
Multiple agents work for multiple insurance companies. The agent has several insurance companies and their products to insurance companies. He is therefore considered a commercial agent according to § 84 HGB and has the opportunity to offer products from these different insurance companies. Typically, a multiple agent offers five to ten companies.


What is an insurance broker

An insurance broker does not have a fixed contract with an insurance company like the insurance agent. He is not tied to any company and provides independent advice.
The advantage : insurance brokers can in principle make you offers from all insurers . Practice has shown that this However, it is impossible to consider all products from all suppliers in one consultation. The insurance broker however , must be able to show its customers which providers it has not considered and why.
Insurance agents and insurance brokers normally earn their income from commissions that they receive for the conclusion and support of a contract.

The amount of remuneration depends on the respective provider. The advantage of remuneration through commission is that the customer does not incur any additional costs for the advice that would otherwise have to be paid in advance. In the meantime, however, there are also insurance brokers who work on a fee basis. Here you pay the intermediary a fee for the advice, regardless of whether an insurance contract is concluded.

In order to hand over the management of your insurance, you conclude a brokerage contract with your insurance broker. The brokerage contract regulates the rights, duties and liability of the broker towards you as a customer and vice versa.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does an anonymous risk assessment mean

We always carry out the risk assessment for biometric risks anonymously and in advance. This means that we create an anonymous data record and only forward personal data such as date of birth, occupation and your health data to the underwriter.

The health data will only be assigned to your “personal data” when you submit your application. In this way we prevent your data from being transmitted to other systems.

What does the declaration on data processing contain?

A PDF of our declaration on data processing can be found under the following LINK

Why does Neodirect need a brokerage contract and your brokerage power of attorney?

In order to be able to commission an insurance broker, a brokerage contract is a basic requirement for cooperation.
As the name suggests, both contracting parties – i.e. you and Neodirect – conclude a contract with each other.
Components of this contract are, for example, the rights and obligations of the individual contracting parties.
Neodirect as your insurance broker has the duty to look for the most suitable insurance cover for you on the market.

On the other hand, you have a duty to tell your NEO (insurance broker) if something has changed in your life. Since we have no permanent insight into your private life.
The rights and obligations of both contracting parties are laid down in the brokerage agreement. The broker power of attorney is part of this contract in order to take over the supervision of your contracts and authorizes us, for example, to optimize your insurance, to cancel it and also to conclude new contracts for you.
Of course, this only happens with your consent and prior arrangement.
An important part of the contract is the possibility of terminating this contract.
The contract can be terminated at any time by either party. So you are not tied to Neodirect with a minimum contract term, as you may be used to from other contracts. A termination also has no effect on your insurance contracts, which remain completely unaffected.

Why is a declaration of consent to data processing & release from confidentiality required for your brokerage contract/brokerage power of attorney?

The issue of data protection is also written down in the brokerage contract. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is particularly important for insurance matters. This now applies to many areas on the Internet and in the doctor’s office. Without your consent to the processing of your personal data, you will receive almost no services these days. As an insurance broker, we are also not allowed to work for you without this declaration on your part. It is all the more essential for you that you know your insurance broker and can trust him. Especially in times of Corona, when a lot of work is done from the home office, strict compliance with all data protection-related precautions is essential.

What are the advantages of the broker power of attorney?

By hiring an insurance broker, you hardly have to worry about your insurance yourself. Your administrative effort is almost completely eliminated. You no longer have to check yourself whether the benefits from your insurance contracts are customary in the market, you no longer need to write a letter of termination, you don’t have to worry about optimizing your contracts, you don’t have to report any damage to the company yourself. So many advantages for you if your insurance broker takes over this.
In Germany, the whole service that you receive from a real estate agent is free of charge and included in the premium and does not cost you a single cent extra.

This raises the question of why you should use a comparison portal to manage your insurance yourself or use an app to transfer the contracts to a completely different broker.
We want to work here completely transparently and on an equal footing with you and not through call center agents and bots. So you always have a real insurance broker as a contact person and he is there for you when you need him. We also offer the option of managing your contracts via our Simplr app and always being informed day and night 24 hours a day.

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