A naturopathy insurance covers the costs of treatments with naturopaths, alternative doctors, or alternative therapy methods. This allows you to access holistic healthcare measures without jeopardizing your financial security.

Protection for alternative medicine

Protection for alternative medicine

Our alternative practitioner supplementary insurance provides comprehensive coverage for alternative treatment methods such as naturopathy and acupuncture offered by alternative practitioners.

Damages Caused by Uninsured Third Parties

Damages Caused by Uninsured Third Parties

Unlike statutory health insurance, which often does not or only partially covers these services, our insurance allows for cost reimbursement for treatments by alternative practitioners.

Individual insurance coverage

Individual insurance coverage

Our alternative practitioner supplementary insurance offers you the flexibility to adjust the insurance coverage to your individual needs. You can choose from different tariffs and ensure that your desired treatment methods are covered.

Alternative Practitioner Insurance

Additional insurance for alternative practitioner services

In many statutory health insurance companies, the services provided by alternative practitioners are strictly regulated - and you have to cover a not insignificant portion yourself. It's different with Neodirect HEALTH plus NATURE: This private supplementary insurance is an excellent alternative for you.

The alternative practitioner insurance reimburses up to 80% of the medical treatment costs according to the fee and covers 80% of the costs for remedies, medicines, bandages and aids. In addition to the very high reimbursement costs for alternative healing methods, the tariff is also very interesting for people who wear glasses. Another highlight of HEALTH plus NATURE is the one-off reimbursement of up to EUR 1,000 for laser eye surgery.


In harmony with nature


The ALTERNATIVE PRACTITIONER SUPPLEMENTARY INSURANCE offers extended insurance coverage for alternative medical services such as naturopathy and acupuncture as private supplementary health insurance. These treatment methods, mainly provided by alternative practitioners, are usually not covered by statutory health insurance. Legal health insurers, therefore, reimburse such costs only to a limited extent or not at all.

Although some statutory health insurers have included naturopathic treatments in their tariffs, they often only cover a small part of the costs. In these cases, the insured must bear most of the treatment costs with the alternative practitioner. With private supplementary insurance, however, you can reduce costs and be financially secure.


Specialist Referrals

All customers with full medical expense insurance from Barmenia can receive specialist referrals via Medgate.
This option is particularly interesting for customers in full medical cost insurance tariffs with a family doctor model (in family doctor tariffs it is stipulated that in the event of illness a family doctor must first be consulted. This step can be carried out digitally with the Medgate app via Medgate's doctors) .

What is alternative practitioner supplementary insurance and why do I need it?

Alternative practitioner supplementary insurance is private supplementary health insurance that covers alternative treatment methods such as naturopathy and acupuncture. It makes sense because statutory health insurance usually does not reimburse such services or only reimburses them to a limited extent.

What services are included in additional health practitioner insurance?

Alternative practitioner supplementary insurance reimburses the costs of alternative practitioner treatments, alternative therapies and natural healing methods. Depending on the insurance tariff, medications, aids or alternative medicine products may also be covered.

Are there waiting times or health checks for alternative practitioner insurance?

Yes, with most alternative health practitioner supplementary insurance there are waiting periods before the services can be used. As a rule, the waiting time is three to six months. Health exams may vary depending on the insurance company.

Can I freely choose which alternative practitioner I see?

Yes, as a rule, you have a free choice of alternative practitioner. You can visit a qualified and licensed alternative practitioner of your choice, as long as the treatment methods fall within the scope of the insurance.

Are there age restrictions for taking out additional health practitioner insurance?

Most insurance companies have age restrictions for taking out additional health practitioner insurance. These can vary depending on the provider. It is advisable to take out insurance early to benefit from comprehensive protection.

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