Our pet owner's liability insurance covers damages that your pet can cause. Whether it's bite injuries, property damage, or personal injury - we provide financial security.

Uncertainties in claims settlement

Uncertainties in claims settlement

Uncertainties in claims settlement can lead to conflicts and lengthy procedures. Transparent and understandable claims settlement is therefore important for policyholders.

Fast Claims Settlement

Fast Claims Settlement

Damages caused by uninsured third parties can lead to significant financial burdens. Private liability insurance offers protection against such claims.

Inadequate insurance coverage

Inadequate insurance coverage

Inadequate insurance coverage.

Pet Owner's Liability Insurance

For conscientious pet owners, securing pet liability insurance is an essential safeguard. Imagine a scenario where your beloved dog unexpectedly dashes onto the road, triggering a traffic mishap. In such events, you could be held financially responsible with your entire assets at risk. This is where the invaluable protection of pet owner's liability insurance comes into play, covering damages up to a pre-determined coverage limit. Not only does it protect you, but it extends its coverage to family members and even individuals caring for your pet.

Neodirect offers an exclusive service where you can obtain a complimentary comparison of competitive rates, meticulously curated by our experts. Considering the wide variance in premiums, with differences reaching up to 83%, taking advantage of this service can significantly benefit your financial planning and ensure you receive the best possible protection for your furry family members.


Misfortune seldom comes alone


Both the pet owner's and the horse owner's liability insurance should have a blanket coverage amount of at least 5 million Euros for personal, property, and financial damages.


The contributions you need to make depend on the type and number of animals and the agreed coverage amount. An annual payment method is the most cost-effective option. Discounts are often granted to seniors and public service employees.


You can find out about the regulations for your pet at your vacation destination by calling the local regulatory office. Typically, for longer stays abroad within the EU, insurance coverage is provided for three years, and in other regions, for one year.


It is advantageous if your contract contains an additional clause about “protection in the event of a breach of owner obligations.” Only then can you be assured of benefit in the event of damage. Since the regulations in cities and municipalities are often very confusing, it could otherwise happen that the insurance benefit does not come into force due to a breach of the owner's obligations.


Even if a guest only occasionally rides your horse, the insurance contract must include coverage for risks associated with external riders. If this service is covered, the insurer will take care of damages to the outer rider (e.g., recourse claims from health insurance in case of injuries). It's advisable to review the contract text from this perspective:

Why should you take out pet owner liability insurance?

Every dog or horse owner should take out pet owner liability insurance, even if it's not yet mandatory in all federal states. As a pet owner, you are legally obliged to compensate for any damages caused by your pet with your entire assets and income. Personal liability insurance only covers damages caused by tame small animals such as cats, guinea pigs, or birds: 

Who or what is insured?

The policyholder, as the animal owner, his family, and others who look after the animal are insured. For horses, a third-party rider who does not contribute to the costs of keeping the horse is usually also insured. If there is a co-holder, their name should also be listed in the insurance contract. You can insure dogs, horses and ponies, donkeys and cattle, or other exotic animals, provided this has been agreed upon separately.

Which damages are insured?

Pet owner liability insurance covers personal injury, property damage, and financial damage caused by your animal's behaviour. It also examines claims for damages and defends itself against unjustified claims and even legal proceedings. Damage caused intentionally is, of course, not insured.

Are there different contributions for Neodirect pet + pet owner liability insurance?

Each dog must be included individually in the contract. A corresponding premium is paid for your first dog, and each additional dog is usually significantly cheaper to insure. The contribution amount also depends on your dog's breed, as a Chihuahua and a Pittbull are very different. There is no insurance coverage for certain breeds of dogs.

What do you do in case of damage?

In the event of damage, you should inform your Neo of the damage by telephone as quickly as possible. Of course, you can also do this via the app under “Report Damage.” In the case of more extensive damage, some insurers require a written report. Describe the course of the damage truthfully and under no circumstances make advance payments. The insurance company first checks the compensation claims and contacts the policyholder and the injured party.

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