Ensuring optimal care in old age is crucial. Our flexible long-term care benefits are customized for your unique needs, offering security, choice, and asset protection for future care reliance.

Financial safety

Financial safety

In old age, long-term care costs can be significant and put a strain on your own assets. Our individual long-term care allowance provides financial security by covering your long-term care costs and protecting your assets.

Flexibility and Individuality

Flexibility and Individuality

Everyone has individual preferences and needs when it comes to elderly care. With our long-term care benefits, you have the freedom to decide whether you prefer to be cared for in a nursing home or at home. You have the choice of how and where you want to be taken care of.

Protection of your assets

Protection of your assets

The high costs of long-term care services can deplete your hard-earned assets quickly. Our long-term care benefits serve as asset protection by ensuring that you receive financial support without depleting your assets.

Long-Term Care Allowance Insurance

"NEODIRECT PLEGEZUSATZ +"provides as care supplement insurance a lifelong insurance protection - combined with the greatest possible freedom of choice in the care services.

Also in old age to be mobile and independent is desirable.
Need for care, however, can meetn anyone. Since it is good to have provided at least financially for the best possible margin and freedom of choice. The private daily nursing allowance insurance guarantees in case of insurance from the first day the full benefit due to you, no matter where in the world you are.

You decide where you want to be cared for and how the daily care allowance should be used. In this way, you not only preserve your own independence, but also protect your own assets and those of your family members.


For your groomed future


With our daily care allowance, you can determine the amount of benefits you can use to cover your personal care costs. You decide how much financial support you would like to receive to meet your care needs best. This flexibility allows you to provide the best possible care and support according to your ideas.

Moreover, our daily care allowance allows you to decide where and how you want to be cared for. You can choose whether you would prefer to be cared for in a nursing home or at home. This freedom of choice allows you to choose the right care option for you and meet your needs.

Another important aspect is protecting your assets. Long-term care can be associated with high costs that can place a heavy burden on your assets. Our daily care allowance also serves as asset protection by providing financial support and ensuring you can use your savings and investments for other important things.

Take precautions and secure individual daily long-term care benefits that offer security, freedom of choice, and asset protection in old age.
Give yourself the certainty that you are optimally covered if you need long-term care and will receive the best possible care. Your needs are our focus, and we are here to provide you with the protection and support you deserve in old age.
Choose our personalized daily care allowance now and shape your future with peace of mind and the certainty that your care needs are optimally covered!

Consider early on what coverage you will need if you need long-term care.

A daily care allowance insurance can be essential coverage in case of need for care. Therefore, consider early on which coverage you need and ask your contact person about the various offers on the market.

Compare different quotes to find the per diem long-term care insurance that's right for you.

It is worth comparing different offers to find the right daily care allowance insurance for you. Pay attention not only to the price but also to the benefits and conditions.

Pay attention to the terms and restrictions in your per diem long-term care insurance policy.

Your daily care allowance insurance may contain restrictions or exclusions. Therefore, read the conditions carefully and ensure the insurance meets your needs.

Adjust your per diem long-term care insurance regularly to meet your current needs.

Your daily care allowance insurance should be reviewed and adjusted regularly to meet your current needs. Therefore, find out about the possibilities of adjustment from your insurance company.

Find out about government subsidies for your per diem long-term care insurance.

You can take advantage of government subsidies for long-term care insurance. Please learn about these subsidies and use them to make your daily care allowance insurance even more attractive.


The benefits provided by the statutory long-term care insurance and the actual costs in the event of long-term care often bear no relation to each other. The difference is paid out of pocket by the person needing maintenance or their dependents. In this case, private supplementary long-term care insurance covers additional costs up to the agreed daily maximum rate and offers lifelong insurance protection. With private extra, long-term care insurance, you close your care gap and protect yourself and your family from the high costs of needing long-term care.





Care degree 1: Low impairment of the independence or abilities of a person. In this care class is a low entitlement to long-term care insurance benefits.

Grade of care 2: Significant impairment of a person's independence or abilities. The need for support is higher than in Care Degree 1. Persons in care degree 2 are entitled to more extensive benefits of long-term care insurance.

Care degree 3: Severe impairment of the independence or abilities of a person. There is a significantly increased need for support in daily life. Persons in care degree 3 are entitled to comprehensive long-term care insurance benefits.

Care degree 4: Severe impairment of the independence or abilities of a person. The need for support is very high, and intensive care is required. Persons in care degree 4 are entitled to extensive long-term care insurance benefits.

Care degree 5: Severe impairment of the independence or abilities of a person with special requirements for nursing care. Care grade 5 applies to persons with exceptionally high care needs who must be cared for intensively around the clock.

An assessment service based on an assessment procedure carries out the classification into a care grade. The higher the care degree, the more extensive the benefits provided by long-term care insurance.



The supplementary long-term care insurance "Neodirect LONG TERM CARE" offers extra protection to close the financial gaps of statutory long-term care insurance. It provides additional benefits and allows individual coverage depending on personal needs. The benefits of supplementary, long-term care insurance can vary depending on the selected tariff. However, here are some specific benefits that can be offered by the additional long-term care insurance "Neodirect Pflegezusatz+":

Daily care allowance: The supplementary, long-term care insurance "Neodirect LONG TERM CARE" can provide a daily care allowance that is paid regardless of the actual care costs. This daily allowance can be used to cover the financial expenses for professional care, support in everyday life, or even for outpatient or inpatient care facilities.

Care pension insurance: This option makes receiving a monthly care pension possible to cover the financial burdens in case of need for care. The amount allowance depends on the selected tariff and the individual needs.

Premium exemption: Under certain conditions, the supplementary, long-term care insurance "Neodirect LONG TERM CARE +" can take over the premium payment if the insured person requires care. This maintains the insurance coverage without having to pay further premiums.

Assistance services: "Neodirect LONG TERM CARE +" may also offer assistance services that support the insured and their relatives in the event of care. This may include, for example, the procurement of care facilities, consulting services, or even the organization of care aids.

It is essential to check the benefits and conditions of the supplementary care insurance "Neodirect LONG TERM CARE" in the selected tariff, as they may vary. Individual consultation with one of our experts can help find the correct tax that best meets your needs and expectations.

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