With private legal expenses insurance, you can engage in legal disputes without fear of high attorney and court costs. We support you in disputes related to traffic, work, personal life, or tenancy law.

Financial protection in legal disputes

Financial protection in legal disputes

Private legal expenses insurance is important to cover the high costs of legal disputes and minimize the financial burden.

Compensation at Replacement Value

Compensation at Replacement Value

With legal expenses insurance, you gain access to a network of lawyers and experts who provide advice and support in legal matters and disputes.

Protection in various areas of life

Protection in various areas of life

Private legal protection insurance covers various areas such as traffic, housing, or profession, providing comprehensive protection for different life situations.

Legal Protection Insurance

In many everyday situations, consulting a lawyer is essential. With the increasing uncertainties in the job market, legal disputes stemming from the risk of job loss have significantly risen, and telephone legal consultations are in high demand.

A good legal protection insurance quickly proves its worth, as it guards against the financial risks of a legal dispute. A private legal protection insurance covers all costs up to the contractually agreed insurance sum – even if you lose a lawsuit.

With NEODIRECT LEGAL Expense+, you can assert your rights without any financial burden. We provide you with a free comparison of over 60 rates from legal protection insurances. You have the option to combine individual modules according to your needs. With legal protection insurance, you are on the safe side.


Law & Order: Your right, your protection!

Unlocking Legal Confidence: Your Ultimate Guide to Legal Insurance in Germany



Germany boasts a legacy of rich culture, technological innovation, and a well-structured legal framework. However, for many, navigating the complex legal terrain can be challenging. Our mission is to shed light on this path, offering unmatched clarity and support through our premium legal insurance services, to instill you with absolute confidence in handling your legal affairs.

The Critical Need for Legal Insurance in Germany

The German legal system is thorough and provides significant protection. Yet, this complexity can lead to a range of legal disputes, from landlord disagreements to workplace conflicts and traffic mishaps. Legal insurance becomes a vital resource in these instances, providing both peace of mind and a financial safeguard against the unexpected legal hurdles you might encounter.

Showcasing Our Diverse Legal Insurance Solutions

We're proud to collaborate with industry leaders like ARAG, KS Auxilia, and Deurag to deliver the best possible legal insurance solutions across Germany. Whether it’s dealing with contractual disputes, claiming damages, or navigating through bureaucratic red tape, our specially designed insurance packages are here to uphold your legal rights and ensure your financial stability.

Primary Benefits of Our Legal Insurance Services:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our service portfolio is extensive, ensuring you're well-protected against a variety of legal issues, be they personal, professional, or traffic-related.
  • Customizable Policies: With options for flexible deductibles starting as low as €150 and minimal waiting periods, our policies are tailored to meet your individual needs and circumstances.
  • Professional Legal Support: Leverage our wide network of legal experts from ARAG, KS Auxilia, Deurag, and beyond, to receive competent and effective legal assistance.

Why Opt for Our Services?

  • Tailored Solutions: We understand that each legal challenge is unique. We aim to offer personalized insurance solutions for optimal coverage by comprehensively assessing your specific requirements.
  • Simplicity and Efficiency: Our approach is digital-first, simplifying the management of your legal insurance and ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Renowned Expertise: Our partnerships with top legal insurance providers like ARAG, KS Auxilia, and Deurag enrich our offerings with deep industry knowledge and a track record of success in protecting your legal interests in Germany.

Step Into Germany with Confidence

With our support, you can confidently navigate Germany, assured of comprehensive protection. Our legal insurance solutions are your safeguard against the unpredictability of legal disputes, providing a steadfast foundation of support and security.

Discover the serenity that comes with complete legal insurance coverage. Contact us to explore how we can develop the ideal legal protection plan for you, enabling you to maneuver through Germany's legal system confidently.




I think it's best to clarify which components of the legal protection insurance correspond to your life risks. Limiting the contract to these benefits will give you optimal protection with minimal effort.


In general, taking out your employment protection insurance early is important. Many insurers will cover legal costs even if you are threatened with dismissal. Since there are waiting periods of up to three months for some benefits, it is worthwhile to make long-term provisions.


With an agreement on a deductible, the insurance premium can be reduced. Many providers offer special rates for singles, seniors, and single parents - but with limited benefits.


Some insurers grant a no-claims bonus if insurance coverage has not been claimed for a certain period. It is worth comparing rates here. We can help you with a consultation. Please make an appointment with us!

What types of legal insurance do we offer?

We collaborate with leading providers like ARAG, KS Auxilia, and Deurag to offer comprehensive legal insurance solutions in Germany. Our portfolio protects private legal matters, professional disputes, traffic incidents, and home rental conflicts, ensuring robust coverage across all significant areas of life.


Why is legal insurance essential in Germany?

Given the complexity of the German legal system and the potential for disputes across various aspects of daily life, legal insurance is crucial. It provides peace of mind and financial security, ensuring you can navigate legal challenges effectively without the burden of excessive costs.

How can you customize your legal insurance policy with us?

Our policies are designed with flexibility in mind. You can adjust deductibles starting as low as €150 and choose coverage based on your specific needs. We aim to provide tailored solutions that offer the most comprehensive protection for you.

What makes our legal support network stand out?

We pride ourselves on direct access to a vast network of legal professionals from renowned insurers like ARAG, KS Auxilia, and Deurag. This ensures you receive knowledgeable and practical legal support, guiding you through every step of your legal journey.

How does our digital-first approach benefit you?

Our digital-first strategy simplifies legal insurance management, making the process straightforward and accessible. This approach ensures you can easily adjust your policy, file claims, and seek advice, allowing you to focus more on what matters most.

How can you get started with our legal insurance services?

Getting started is easy. Don't hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can develop the ideal legal protection plan tailored to your needs. We're here to ensure you confidently navigate Germany's legal system with the comprehensive support and security our services provide.

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