Our basic ability insurance offers a predetermined pension if you lose essential abilities like sight, hearing, speaking, or walking, ensuring you maintain your living standards.

Understand Coverage

Understand Coverage

Know exactly what abilities are covered. Ensure your policy includes essential functions like sight, hearing, speech, and mobility.

Review Policy Details

Review Policy Details

Regularly review your policy's terms and compensation details to ensure they meet your evolving needs.

Plan for the Future

Plan for the Future

Consider additional coverage options to enhance your financial security in case of lose basic abilities.

Basic Ability insurance

Have you ever considered what would happen if you could no longer see, speak, hear, or use your hands? The loss of these basic abilities can be due to various reasons, such as illness, accidents, or a general decline in health.

NEODIRECT FUNDAMENTAL DISABILITY + (basic ability insurance) offers compensation options in such cases, helping you continue to participate in life.


Secure your livelihood


Nürnberger Insurance's Basic Abilities
Coverage: A Comprehensive Guide

Introducing NEODIRECT BASIC ABILITY +: Not Just an Alternative to Disability Insurance

Basic abilities insurance is not merely an alternative to occupational disability insurance, yet NEODIRECT ABILITY + from Nuremberg Insurance emerges as a compelling option. There are several reasons why!

For those not specifically seeking an alternative to occupational disability insurance, Nuremberg Insurance's basic abilities insurance also superbly secures everyday skills that are fundamental to life.


Today, NEODIRECT BASIC ABILITY + caters to the working population increasingly priced out of disability insurance. Despite having no direct link to one's profession, Nuremberg's policy provides significant support in various aspects.

Starting with prevention, Coach N-App helps policyholders stay healthy with nutrition tips, lifestyle advice and supported training programs to build fitness and resilience. Active app users can even receive up to €100 per year, incentivizing health and wellness.

Additionally, policyholders have access to BetterDoc, a network to find the best specialists for their medical conditions or to seek a second opinion—crucial for quick and effective recovery.

Who is the Primary Target Group?

Initially, truck and bus drivers, as well as taxi drivers, might come to mind. Nuremberg Insurance's basic abilities insurance pays out if you lose your class A, B, T, and L driver's licenses—critical for those whose jobs depend on regular health and capability checks.

Those not in professional driving but unable to afford disability insurance might find the compact protection option and the optional sick leave module appealing. This module provides benefits for sick leave extending beyond six months, up to 24 months—a period usually sufficient to reorient one's life or start retraining.

How Is NEODIRECT ABILITY + Structured?

The insurance covers a wide range of basic abilities, from sensory functions to mobility and even includes care needs. It offers comprehensive protection for the worst-case scenario, with additional modules for physical labour, office tasks, mobility, professional driving, mental health, and extended sick leave benefits.

Lastly, a care module ensures lifelong pension payments in case of care dependency and an option for a care pension if not yet needed by the end of the contract with Nuremberg Insurance.

NEODIRECT BASIC ABILITY  + provides a broad and adaptable safety net, ensuring individuals from various professions can secure their future against unforeseeable health challenges.


It makes sense to take care of basic skills insurance early on. Anyone who is young and healthy receives good protection in the best conditions.


Especially for professional groups that perform heavy physical work, basic skills insurance is usually a much cheaper alternative to classic occupational disability insurance, but it does offer clear insurance protection.

Pre-existing illness

Health questions must be answered completely and truthfully. Don't hesitate to mention illnesses that you actually consider to be insignificant. Incorrect or incomplete information may release the insurer from its contractual obligation.


Don't let the contract end too early, even if it seems cheaper. A term agreement up to your retirement age - for employees up to the age of 67 - is absolutely advisable in order to avoid payment gaps.

Pension Amount

Calculate your needs taking into account other income that you are entitled to. It is advisable to pay attention to a subsequent insurance guarantee so that you can increase your pension later without a health check.

Who is basic ability insurance suitable for? 

Basic ability insurance is particularly suitable for individuals who, for example:

  • Want to provide for the event that an important physical or mental ability is severely impaired or lost, regardless of their occupation (except for professional drivers),
  • Cannot afford or do not wish to pay for disability insurance due to its high premiums,
  • Are still determining their career path,
  • Own a family business and wish to continue working despite illness,
  • Are self-employed and their professions do not fit into typical categories,
  • Have multiple professions.
  • Students who want to safeguard against the risk of a potential educational gap that could arise from the (temporary) inability to participate in school due to severe impairment or loss of basic abilities.

Why do I need basic ability insurance?

Basic ability insurance provides financial security if you lose your most important physical or mental abilities. The monthly pension from basic ability insurance, for example, covers ongoing expenses and helps you reorganize your life—regardless of whether you can continue in your profession.

Payouts occur not only upon loss but also in cases of severe impairment of any insured basic abilities. With various additional modules, you can tailor your protection precisely to your needs.

When do I receive a benefit?

The contractually agreed monthly pension is paid out in the event of a claim.
This occurs when you are:

  • medically impaired in one of the insured basic abilities, such as standing, walking, or seeing, as a result of an illness, injury, or decline in physical strength, which must be substantiated by a specialist,
  • continuously affected for the duration of the agreed prognosis period.

Is the basic ability pension paid even if the insured person can continue to work?

You will receive benefits from the basic ability insurance if you lose or have a significant impairment of one of the insured basic abilities, regardless of whether you can continue to work or not.

Exceptions apply to the additional modules "Professional Driver" and "Full Occupational Disability due to Mental Illness." These can be found in our insurance conditions.

How is the benefit paid out (pension or lump sum)?

A monthly pension is paid out in the event of loss or severe impairment of one of the insured basic abilities until the expiration of the agreed contract term.

What is the difference between basic ability insurance (BAI) and occupational disability insurance (ODI)?

Occupational Disability Insurance:
Provides coverage for the profession or the most recently performed occupational activity (loss of occupation).

Basic Ability Insurance:
Provides coverage for specific physical and mental abilities regardless of occupational activity (loss of abilities).

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