Accident insurance provides financial protection if you are permanently disabled or even experience a fatality due to an accident. You receive a one-time disability benefit or your beneficiaries receive financial support in the event of death, to cushion the financial impact of an accident.

Financial protection in case of accidents

Financial protection in case of accidents

A private accident insurance is important to be financially protected in case of accidents and cover the costs of medical treatments, rehabilitation, or vocational adjustments.

Protection of Asset Value

Protection of Asset Value

Private accident insurance complements the benefits of statutory accident insurance and provides comprehensive coverage that applies outside of work and in private settings.

Individual coverage for accident consequences

Individual coverage for accident consequences

A private accident insurance allows for individual customization of insurance benefits and can also cover accident disability or accidental death, ensuring long-term financial security.

Accident Insurance

Private accident insurance protects you when the statutory insurance no longer pays, in case of accidents during leisure time. In an emergency, you receive a capital sum that can be used to compensate for loss of income, modify your home, or fund nursing personnel.

The coverage applies to you and your family worldwide and around the clock. It can be expanded with important additional benefits such as sickness benefits or monthly pension payments. With low premiums, you achieve optimal protection.

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Why is Personal Accident Insurance Essential?

Accidents can happen at any time, anywhere, affecting your ability to work and live as usual. Personal accident insurance provides financial support and covers the costs associated with recovery from serious injuries. This type of insurance is crucial because it offers:

  • Coverage for medical and hospital expenses that arise from accidents.
  • Compensation for lost income if you're unable to work due to injuries sustained in an accident.
  • Disability benefits if an accident leads to permanent disability, impacting your quality of life and earning capacity.
  • Death benefits that provide financial security to your beneficiaries in the unfortunate event of your death due to an accident.

Without adequate accident insurance, you or your family could face significant financial difficulties in the wake of an unexpected injury.

Extended Coverage Options

To ensure comprehensive protection, you can enhance your personal accident insurance with the following additional covers:

  • Daily allowance during hospital stays to compensate for loss of income.
  • Rehabilitation costs to support recovery after an accident.
  • Cosmetic surgery expenses resulting from accident-related injuries.
  • Coverage for adventurous activities often excluded in standard policies, such as mountain climbing or scuba diving.
  • Family coverage to protect your loved ones under the same policy.

These options allow you to tailor your coverage to your lifestyle and personal risk profile.

Common Issues with Existing Accident Insurance

Many individuals are not adequately insured against all potential risks, often underestimating the financial impact of accidents. Policies might exclude specific scenarios or activities that are crucial for the insured, leading to gaps in coverage.

Our Services

  • Review and Adjustment of Your Current Insurance Policy: We will thoroughly assess your existing accident insurance policy and recommend adjustments to ensure comprehensive protection.
  • Policy Transfer: If you find our terms favorable and wish to benefit from our expert services, we can manage the transfer of your policy to our portfolio.
  • Comparison Calculator: You can use our comparison calculator directly on our website to review and compare various insurance options or to see how your current policy stacks up against others on the market.

Your Next Step

Visit our website to explore more details and use our comparison calculator to assess your insurance needs. For a personalized approach, contact us to arrange a consultation. We're committed to helping you secure the right accident insurance coverage, ensuring you and your family are protected in any unforeseen circumstances.



The progression tariff offers the best price-performance ratio. Here, insured people with a high degree of disability receive up to 100,000 euros more than the benefit of a linear tariff. We recommend a progression of at least 350%. In the event of disability, you are well protected.


To maintain your living standard, taking out insurance of at least 100,000 euros is advisable. A dynamic adjustment agreement offsets inflation; The sum insured increases by a certain percentage yearly.


The insurance can include additional benefits such as death insurance or cosmetic operations. Including a monthly accident, a pension ensures that you have a regular monthly income for the rest of your life if your ability to perform is permanently impaired - especially if you cannot work.

Why do I need accident insurance?

Accident insurance protects your existence after the consequences of an accident. It covers all accidents in everyday life that happen at home, while travelling, in your free time, at work, or in traffic. Statutory accident insurance does not pay here. In the event of a claim, the insured person receives a lump sum, which he can then use to compensate for loss of income or convert his house to make it suitable for people with disabilities. In addition, a monthly pension payment can be agreed upon.

Who should have accident insurance?

Accident insurance is particularly recommended for self-employed people, non-employed people, or partners who manage the household, as they are not legally insured against accidents. Older workers are often no longer able to take out occupational disability insurance due to health issues, so accident insurance is often the only alternative. Children also have no claims against statutory accident insurance and benefit from private insurance.

What does accident insurance provide?

Whether at work or in your free time, accident insurance is available around the clock and worldwide. The decisive factor in accident insurance is the disability benefit, the amount of which depends on the agreed insured sum and the degree of disability. The degree of disability is calculated as a percentage based on the so-called “link tax”. Other benefits such as pension payments, death benefits, daily sickness benefits or cosmetic operations are optional. Check which of these building blocks make sense for you. Self-employed people and freelancers should always include daily sick pay in their benefits catalogue.

How high should the sum insured be?

Choose an insurance amount that meets your personal financial needs. Check how much money you will need in an emergency, what insurance you already have in place, and consider the professional consequences that could result from an accident.

What's a rule of thumb?

Estimate at least three times your current gross annual income. The younger you are, the higher the insurance sum should be. For example, a 30-year-old man with a gross annual income of €40,000 should insure at least €120,000. Ideally, however, he estimates five times his income: €200,000. Agree on a dynamic with your accident insurance. Contributions and the sum insured are dynamically adjusted annually, for example, to the development of contributions to the statutory pension insurance.

What to do in case of damage?

Please report the accident to your insurer as soon as possible. You will receive an accident report, which you must immediately send back to the treating doctors/hospitals with information about the accident and the injuries. A fatal accident must be reported to the insurance company within 48 hours. If you want to claim disability, you must have a written statement from the insurer no later than 15 months after the accident.

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