Our travel health insurance provides comprehensive coverage for illnesses or accidents during your trips abroad. You receive worldwide medical protection, coverage for doctor visits, hospital stays, and medically necessary repatriations, allowing you to enjoy your travels worry-free.

Carefree traveling

Carefree traveling

With travel insurance, you can enjoy worry-free traveling as you are financially protected against unforeseen events such as illness, trip cancellations, or lost luggage.

Reimbursement for Alternative Medicine Treatments

Reimbursement for Alternative Medicine Treatments

Travel insurance offers flexible options tailored to your individual needs. You can choose the coverage and policy limits according to your travel plans.

Around-the-clock support

Around-the-clock support

In case of emergency, a 24/7 assistance hotline is available to assist you with medical emergencies, travel inconveniences, or other problems during your journey. You are never left alone.

Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance belongs in every vacation luggage. With the  NEODIRECT Travel + (travel health insurance), you are covered worldwide for your travels around the clock.
So you can, in case of illness or accident, get your best treatment provided â, even as a private patient. Co-travelling relatives, you can about favourable family tariffs. co-insure. An emergency call service offers you advice day and night. Travel insurance is an indispensable companion for your travels, offering comprehensive protection. With Travel health insurance, you are covered if you have to cancel your trip for unforeseen reasons.

Travel health insurance protects you from the financial consequences of medical emergencies abroad. Travel Baggage Insurance reimburses you for the value of lost or damaged luggage.
And the Trip Interruption Insurance will cover you if you have to interrupt your trip prematurely.

With these insurances, you can travel with peace of mind, knowing that in case of an emergency, you will be financially covered and receive support. This way, you can enjoy your trip without worries and have unforgettable experiences.


A unique performance with great range!


Prepare for carefree travel and enjoy every moment with our comprehensive travel insurance. Whether you have to cancel your trip for unforeseen reasons, need medical assistance abroad, want to safeguard your valuable luggage or be financially protected in the event of a trip interruption - we have the right insurance solutions for you.

Our travel cancellation insurance offers you financial protection if you must cancel your trip due to unexpected events such as illness, accident or other unforeseen circumstances. With our travel health insurance, you are well covered abroad and receive comprehensive medical care and cost coverage in case of illness or injury.

So that you can concentrate on your trip, we also offer Travel Baggage Insurance, which protects in the event of loss, theft or damage to your luggage. And in case your trip has to be cut short for unforeseen reasons, our trip interruption insurance ensures that you are financially covered.

Trust our many years of experience and our reliable protection to enjoy your travels carefree and with total relaxation. Choose the insurance services that suit you best, and book your comprehensive travel protection today.
We accompany you on all your adventures so you can fully concentrate on discovering new worlds.


Early Booking:

Purchase your travel insurance at the same time you book your trip to get the most comprehensive protection.

Vergleiche Angebote:

Investigate different insurance providers and their benefits to find the best coverage that meets your needs.

Check Existing Insurance:

Check if you already have insurance coverage for certain aspects of your trip through other insurance, such as credit cards or memberships, to avoid double payments.

Trip Interruption Insurance:

Consider purchasing trip interruption insurance to be financially protected if you have to end your trip early for unforeseen reasons.

Read The Insurance Conditions:

Take the time to read the terms and conditions carefully and understand what is covered and what exclusions apply.

Does travel cancellation insurance also cover cancellation costs due to COVID-19?

Yes, many travel insurance policies now offer coverage for cancellations due to COVID-19 as long as certain conditions are met. Read the policy terms and conditions for details.

Are pre-existing illnesses covered by travel health insurance?

How pre-existing conditions are handled varies depending on the insurance provider. Some insurers offer a certain level of protection, while others may have specific exclusions. Be sure to check the terms and conditions before signing.

Are sports and adventure activities included in travel insurance?

Not all travel insurance policies automatically cover sports and adventure activities. Could you check specific insurance policies that include such activities, or check if you can purchase additional sports insurance?

Can I change or add to my travel insurance after booking?

In most cases, you can adjust or add to your travel insurance after booking. Contact the insurance provider to discuss your options.

How can I claim insurance benefits in the event of damage?

In case of a claim, you must report the incident to the insurance provider as soon as possible. Follow the given procedures and submit all the necessary documents to be entitled to the insurance benefit.

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