Protect your property from risks such as storm damage, water damage, or fire damage. Our home insurance provides financial protection and covers costs for repairs, reconstruction, or renovations of your residential building.

Protection against financial losses due to damages to residential buildings

Protection against financial losses due to damages to residential buildings

A home insurance is important to protect yourself from the financial consequences of damages to your own property, such as fire, storms, or water.

Comprehensive Legal Support

Comprehensive Legal Support

Home insurance protects the asset value of your house and ensures that funds are available for repairs or rebuilding in case of damage.

Protection against unforeseen events

Protection against unforeseen events

A home insurance offers protection against unforeseen events such as natural disasters or vandalism that can cause significant damage to the residential building.

Home Insurance

Sometimes, minor unfortunate accidents can destroy what you've painstakingly built over the years. Home insurance offers reliable all-around protection for your property. Whether it's damage from fire, water, or storms, all costs for repairs, reconstruction, clean-up, or loss of rent are covered. The protection extends to your property and all associated outbuildings and garages.

With NEODIRECT HOME INSURANCE +, you receive a comparison of prices and benefits, enabling you to find affordable home insurance. Taking the time to do this is worthwhile, as the cost differences can be substantial. NEODIRECT HOME INSURANCE + secures your future even in times of great adversity. Pay attention to the essentials: Housing is the foundation of life.


Elemental protection for your home

Why is Residential Building Insurance Essential?

For many, a home represents the largest investment of their lives. Residential building insurance protects your property against financial losses from a variety of risks, including:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Water damage
  • Storm and hail
  • Elemental damages such as floods, backwater, landslides, earthquakes, ground sinking, snow pressure, and avalanches.

Many homeowners are unaware that their insurance coverage is often insufficient, particularly for elemental damages. For a relatively small additional amount (about 60-80 euros per year), you can ensure that your home, often worth several hundred thousand euros, is fully protected. Don't skimp on the wrong end!

Extended Coverage Options

In addition to standard services, you can integrate additional securities into your residential building insurance:

  • Damage due to gross negligence up to the amount of the insurance sum
  • Extended insurance of drainage pipes on and off the insured property
  • Systems for rainwater treatment for home supply
  • Solar and photovoltaic systems on your own roof
  • Graffiti damages

These options allow you to tailor your insurance coverage to your specific needs.

Common Issues with Existing Insurance

We regularly find that many older policies do not provide adequate protection. Moreover, at least 60% of the residential building insurance policies we have reviewed are underinsured, which can lead to a proportional reduction in compensation in the event of damage – often without the homeowners' knowledge.

Our Services

  • Review and Adjustment of Your Current Insurance Policy: We analyze your existing insurance and adjust it as needed to ensure optimal protection.
  • Portfolio Transfer: If you are satisfied with the conditions and want to benefit from our services, we can transfer your insurance to our portfolio.
  • Comparison Calculator: Use our comparison calculator directly on our website to make a preliminary selection or compare your previous insurance.

Your Next Step

Visit our website to learn more and watch our brief informational video on the key benefits of residential building insurance. Feel free to use our comparison calculator directly on our website or contact us to schedule a personalized consultation. We look forward to supporting you and protecting your property!




Climate change makes it obvious that natural damage should be included in the insurance contract.


The bonus amount depends, among other things, on the building material and the fire safety of the house. It is advisable to have the insurer determine the value of your property to rule out underinsurance.


Make sure that you don't lose valuable time: You are entitled to an advance payment from the insurance company just one month after a damage report, so you should report any damage immediately.


In the event of damage, you can use your extraordinary right of termination. However, it is advisable not to cancel until the end of the insurance year, as no insurer is obliged to reimburse you pro rata for the annual premium

Why Should You Get Home Insurance?

Home insurance is an absolute must for every builder or homeowner. It is a prerequisite for granting a loan or mortgage when financing construction. The shell can be insured, and the policy can be transferred to residential building insurance later. As the owner of a condominium, you need residential building insurance because a fire can destroy everything you own in just a few minutes.

How is the sum insured calculated?

The amount of the insured sum in home insurance is determined based on the current new value of your property. In the event of damage, you will receive from the insurer the amount necessary to replace the house or apartment to an equivalent value. Information about the type of construction, size, furnishings, and house location are further factors in calculating the insured sum. Using a simple valuation scheme, the standard value of the house in 1914 in gold marks is determined based on your information. The standard value from 1914 is multiplied by the annually updated construction price index and is the basis for calculating the current new value. This calculation formula guarantees you the current value of your property. Underinsurance is prevented.

What does home insurance provide?

Home insurance ensures all buildings, outbuildings, and garages mentioned in the insurance contract, including all items permanently attached to them. Damage caused by fire (fire, lightning), tap water (frost, burst pipes), and storm or hail is insured. Natural damage such as flooding or earthquakes can also be included in the insurance contract. In addition, costs for clean-up and demolition work will also be covered.

What to do in case of damage?

Report the damage to your insurer immediately—i.e., within a week. Keep the damage as minimal as possible: If there is damage to the tap water, close the main tap—sealed openings in your home caused by storms or hail. In the event of fire damage, please call the fire department immediately. Support your insurer in the damage investigation and provide all necessary documents.

What is covered by home insurance?

Your home insurance protects you as a house owner from the financial consequences of property damage. The entire building is insured, including all permanently installed objects. As a rule, damage caused by the following risks should be covered:

  • Fire
  • lightning strike
  • Storm with wind force eight or higher
  • hail
  • Tap water damage
  • Overvoltage
  • Storm
  • Unnamed Dangers (All RISK)

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