Dental insurance supports you in covering the costs of dental treatments, prophylaxis, implants, or dental prosthetics. This allows you to maintain optimal dental health without financial worries.

Health insurance only pays flat rates

Health insurance only pays flat rates

In Germany, dental care is covered by statutory health insurance through a so-called standard care. The insurance pays for what is deemed medically necessary, according to SGB5. Usually, the reimbursement is only up to a low amount, leaving you with the remaining costs.

Immediate Support in Case of Emergency

Immediate Support in Case of Emergency

From professional teeth cleaning to ceramic crowns, with dental supplementary insurance, you never have to worry about who will cover the costs. You can determine the amount of co-payment through a deductible.

Choose a dental supplementary insurance without waiting periods

Choose a dental supplementary insurance without waiting periods

Choose a dental insurance without a waiting period to receive a high percentage of the incurred costs reimbursed in case of a sudden dental treatment.

Dental Supplement Insurance

The actual costs for dental services almost always exceed the amounts covered by dental supplementary insurance. Your standard care is limited to covering the costs of early detection and medically necessary treatment of dental, oral, and maxillofacial diseases.

Additional services such as composite fillings in the molar area or effective prophylaxis like professional teeth cleaning are expenses the patient must bear. This is particularly important when dental prosthesis becomes necessary - costs can quickly reach four figures. With dental supplementary insurance, up to 100% of these costs are covered. Professional teeth cleaning is also part of the insurance benefits.


Always smile!


Welcome to Barmenia Dental Supplement Insurance – Your Partner for a Radiant Smile

Direct Online Conclusion: Trust the test winner of Stiftung Warentest: You can conveniently complete your dental supplement insurance online. Once you have completed your contract, we take care of everything else: Your contract is automatically transferred to "simplr," assigned to your account, and professionally managed by us.

Our Recommended Barmenia Tariffs:

  • Mehr Zahn 80/90/100: These plans cover between 80% and 100% of the costs for dental prostheses such as implants, bridges, crowns, inlays, onlays, and dentures. Additionally, ceramic or plastic veneers and necessary preliminary and follow-up treatments, including bone grafting, are covered.

  • Mehr Zahnvorsorge D Tariff: Enhance your coverage with our preventive care tariff, which covers professional dental cleanings, high-quality composite fillings, root and periodontal treatments, occlusal splints, and pain-relieving measures without any cost limitations.

Special Features of Our Tariffs:

  • Orthodontics for Children and Adults: Included in the "Mehr Zahnvorsorge D" and "Mehr Zahnvorsorge Bonus" tariffs. This covers expenses for ceramic and plastic brackets, invisible braces, and permanent retainers up to a total of 2,000 Euros.

  • Flexible Contract Conditions: You can cancel daily after a minimum term of 12 months. There are no waiting periods at the start of the contract, and there is a cost cap of 6,000 Euros in total for the first four insurance years, with annual maximum reimbursement limits of 1,500 Euros.

Additional Benefits:

  • €200 Bleaching Bonus: Enhance your smile without additional costs. This bonus is included in your tariff.

  • No Health Examination Required: We waive any prior health examination, allowing you to enjoy your insurance coverage immediately.

  • Flexibility in Provider Switching: If you switch from another dental supplement insurance to Barmenia, note that the maximum reimbursement limit is shortened to two years.

Concordia Dental Supplement Insurance – ZAHN SORGLOS 100 %: In addition, we offer the exceptional “ZAHN SORGLOS 100 %” plan from Concordia, which provides full coverage of all costs for dental prostheses, treatments, and cleanings. This plan guarantees maximum security with no out-of-pocket expenses, making it ideal for those seeking comprehensive and worry-free protection.

Especially for Children: We highly recommend the Concordia plan for families with children due to its excellent orthodontic benefits. The “ZAHN SORGLOS 100 %” plan ensures that all orthodontic needs, from braces to more complex treatments, are fully covered, providing peace of mind for parents about their children's dental health.

Why Barmenia? Combining our "Mehr Zahn" and "Mehr Zahnvorsorge D" plans provides comprehensive coverage that allows for unlimited dental cleanings and offers extensive protection for your dental care needs.

Discover your options and secure your optimal dental protection today on our website!



Prevention is better than cure

Regular visits to the dentist and good dental care are the best prevention. However, with additional dental insurance, you can protect yourself even better and cushion yourself against unforeseen costs.

Compare the tariffs and find the right supplementary dental insurance

Compare the rates of different insurance companies and choose the supplementary dental insurance that best suits your needs. Pay attention to the services, the reimbursement rate and the waiting time for the services.

Choose supplemental dental insurance with a high reimbursement rate

Choose supplementary dental insurance with a high reimbursement rate to have as high a proportion of the costs as possible reimbursed in the event of dental treatment.

Find out about the waiting time for the services

Find out about the waiting time for the services. Sometimes, there is a certain waiting period before you can receive services. Make sure that the waiting time is not too long and suits your needs, or ideally, there are no waiting times.

Check whether your desired treatment is included in the tariff

Check whether the desired treatment is included in the tariff. Not all tariffs offer the same services. Find out whether your planned treatment is included in the tariff to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What is supplementary dental insurance used for?

Supplementary dental insurance is used to cover the high costs of dental treatment.

What are the advantages of additional dental insurance?

The advantages of supplementary dental insurance are that it provides financial relief and comprehensive insurance coverage for dental treatment.

What services are included in supplementary dental insurance?

The benefits of supplementary dental insurance can vary depending on the plan but typically include services such as dentures, implants, and orthodontics.

What do you think I should consider when choosing supplementary dental insurance?

When choosing supplementary dental insurance, you should ensure that the tariff fits your individual needs, that the insurance offers a high reimbursement rate, and that the waiting time for benefits is short.

For whom is supplementary dental insurance worthwhile?

Supplementary dental insurance is worthwhile for anyone who wants to protect themselves from high dental costs, especially for people who need regular dental treatment or are planning extensive treatment.

Does supplementary dental insurance cover treatments that have already been recommended?

If your dentist has already recommended treatment or you are already undergoing dental treatment, then the benefit is usually excluded. Here, it can make sense to speak to the health insurance company in advance to prevent later misunderstandings or even a breach of the obligation to report.

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