A young man had a car accident and is sitting in front of his destroyed car. He was covered with the best car insurance.

Car Insurance:
A Legal Requirement and Essential Protection

As a driver, you are particularly at risk of causing damage to third parties. Just to let you know, liability does not require fault but only involvement in the incident. For this reason, auto insurance is a legally mandated compulsory insurance for every vehicle owner. However, it’s not just about insuring against damage to others. Insurance for damages to your vehicle is also possible, either through partial or comprehensive vehicle insurance. This ensures that you are covered for a wide range of potential scenarios, protecting others and your interests in the event of an accident or damage.

When considering a specific car insurance policy, reviewing the inclusions of the liability insurance carefully is highly recommended. These inclusions can vary across different tariffs, along with the mandatory components. Take, for instance, the 'Mallorca Police' car insurance, which offers coverage for motor vehicle liability outside of Germany. Since car owners frequently have the opportunity to drive abroad effortlessly, it is a smart choice to invest in international liability coverage as part of your car insurance. This ensures that you have ample protection within your own country and during your travels overseas.