Private liability insurance - Broken vase with a ball of the neighbor's boy is insured through our private liability insurance.

Personal liability

If a person intentionally or accidentally causes harm to another person, that person must be held responsible for all resulting costs. Unfortunately, these costs are often difficult to bear financially for private individuals. To avoid financial hardship in such a situation, you should consider taking out personal liability insurance. Just so you know, however, that such insurance excludes certain types of damage for which you must take out a separate contract, such as car insurance.

Private liability insurance can differ from other private liability insurance policies, particularly in terms of the inclusions available. For example, private liability insurance can supplement other additional insurance policies or even include them entirely. The policyholder can choose between tariffs, which, if included, include builder’s liability or components of water damage liability insurance. In this sense, the policyholder has the opportunity to choose a tariff that meets his personal requirements for private liability insurance that is optimally and individually tailored to him.