E-bike insurance offers comprehensive protection for your electric bicycle. Whether it's an accident, vandalism, or theft, you are financially covered. With e-bike insurance, you can enjoy your cycling tours worry-free, as we stand by your side in case of damages and reimburse you for your e-bike or cover repair costs.

Ultimate protection for your e-bike

Ultimate protection for your e-bike

Our e-bike insurance provides comprehensive protection against theft, accidents, and damages, allowing you to enjoy your ride worry-free.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

Compliance with Legal Requirements

In case of an incident, we are by your side with a fast and uncomplicated claims settlement process. Our experienced experts ensure that your e-bike is repaired or replaced as quickly as possible, allowing you to get back on tour soon.

Flexible insurance coverage

Flexible insurance coverage

Choose from various tariffs and customize your insurance coverage according to your individual needs. Whether liability, theft, or comprehensive coverage - we have the right solution for you.

E-Bike Insurance

Conquer the streets with our E-Bike insurance coverage with NEODIREC E-BIKE +! Whether you're conquering the urban jungle or exploring breathtaking trails - we are your reliable companion. You can pedal confidently with us because we provide comprehensive protection against theft, accidents, and damages.

Your E-Bike is not just a means of transportation but a symbol of freedom and adventurous spirit. Our insurance preserves this feeling by covering repair costs, spare parts, and even your valuable batteries. So grab your E-Bike, leave the everyday life behind, and experience boundless freedom with our cool E-Bike insurance coverage!


Move around relaxed - at any time.

The ROLLER and e-bike calculator

You can compare scooter or pedelec insurance prices and services here to find the best option. Enter your details and immediately receive an overview of the available offers. Use our service to find the right protection for your scooter.

Style your e-bike with excellent insurance coverage:

Protect your beloved vehicle from theft, damage, and more. With the right e-bike insurance, you can rock the streets without any worries.

Check insurance conditions

Don't forget the paperwork! Read the conditions carefully and ensure you get the perfect protection for your e-bike. Don't let hidden clauses throw you off track.

Deductible doesn't always rock:

Decide whether you want to go solo. A higher deductible can mean lower premiums, but think carefully about whether you're willing to pay out of pocket if a claim occurs.

No beat without theft protection:

Protect your e-bike from common thieves. Choose insurance that covers not only the bike, but also accessories and the battery. This is how you stay in your groove.

Liability on point

Be a responsible rider and protect yourself with solid liability insurance. This saves you if you accidentally cause harm to others. Keep it safe and sound!

What does e-bike insurance cover?

Our e-bike insurance covers theft, accidental damage, vandalism and repair costs. In addition, the valuable batteries and accessories are also insured.

Does the insurance also apply abroad?

Yes, our e-bike insurance offers worldwide protection. No matter whether you take your e-bike with you when travelling or are travelling abroad, you can rely on our insurance.

How high is the deductible in the event of damage?

The amount of the deductible depends on the insurance tariff selected. Depending on the tariff, the deductible can vary. However, we also offer tariffs with low or even no deductible.

Is there an age restriction for insurance coverage?

No, there are no age restrictions for our e-bike insurance coverage. No matter whether you are young or old, you can insure your e-bike with us.

Can I extend my existing insurance for my e-bike?

Yes, if you already have existing insurance, you can add e-bike protection to it. Simply contact our customer service department for more information about extending your insurance.

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