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Private health insurance

Health insurance is one of the most essential protections for individuals, being both a wise and a mandatory safeguard. It’s important to distinguish between statutory and private health insurance. With statutory health insurance, you’ll find cost-effective tariffs that cover all necessary services. However, private health insurances offer a wider variety of tariff options to closely align with your ideal vision of comprehensive coverage. The trade-off for this expanded service range is that tariffs in the private health insurance sector are often more expensive than those offered by statutory health insurance. Our spectrum of insurance companies and tariffs is available if you opt for customizable tariff flexibility, a wider range of services, and the enhanced reputation of private provisions.

Opting for private health insurance allows you to choose from a combination of basic and optional tariffs. A basic tariff provides a fundamental combination of inclusions for private health security and is generally sufficient to cover all health-related incidents. However, an optional tariff is also available since a basic tariff might not cover certain additional services. This optional tariff for private health security allows you to tailor your insurance to your personal safety preferences. As opting for an optional tariff can increase your insurance costs, a critical assessment is necessary to balance the basic requirements of private health security against the desired additional value.