Legal Protection Insurance

Throughout your life, various reasons may lead you to a legal dispute, which can significantly become a serious financial burden if the litigation costs exceed your available budget. Legal protection insurance provides ideal coverage for these situations, allowing you to rely on a trusted attorney without fearing the cost of a legal battle. Additional services such as free legal advice or the assumption of bail can also be covered.


As a policyholder of legal protection insurance, you can respond to any form of legal dispute. Suppose you find yourself in a situation where you must appear in court with your lawyer to defend against a lawsuit or possibly file your lawsuit. In that case, legal protection insurance helps to cover the litigation costs, associated additional expenses, and attorney’s fees. This means that in court, you can focus solely on the subject matter of the lawsuit rather than worrying about financing the legal process. Since there are differences in the inclusions of tariffs within legal protection insurance, reviewing these tariffs carefully is advisable. For instance, the insurance may cover additional family members at no extra cost, providing appropriate cost coverage for your family in case of legal action and allowing you to rely fully on the services of a lawyer in court.