private pension

A private pension insurance is a lucrative investment in funds or ETFs . If you close the supply gap in the statutory pension insurance with the “NEODIRECT PRIVATE PENSION +” , you secure a lifelong income and your old-age provision for your retirement.

The private provision can be optimally adapted to your personal needs: You can set the term yourself, choose between a monthly pension or lump -sum payment and, if necessary, suspend contribution payments. With a flexible dynamic adjustment of the contributions, you exclude the loss due to annual inflation.

If the pension payment begins after the age of 65, you enjoy tax advantages: only 18% of the income is then taxed . Take advantage of our free expert advice and request a tailor-made offer.



We ensure you the entire range for a soft landing!


USEFUL ADDITIONS: The waiver of contributions in the event of occupational disability for the duration of an occupational disability secures your contribution payment until you retire, since the insurer continues to pay your contributions. With a premium dynamic, you agree on a dynamic annual adjustment of your insurance premiums and thus protect yourself from inflation. Of course you can object to the adjustment every year.



Our life expectancy has been increasing for years: we are getting older, and the elderly in the country are getting older more and more numerous, so that the statutory pension insurance is sufficient at most as a basic supply. Everyone should therefore take care of their own private old-age insurance. Here, the private pension insurance closes your pension gap in old age, as this ensures you the accustomed standard of living through a lifelong pension. Unlike other old-age provision products, the private pension is only taxed on the income portion, which is currently only 18%, when it is paid out.