Cyber risk insurance

Cyber attacks or data breaches are increasing rapidly . Many companies underestimate the risk of a data leak in their own company. Securing against these attacks is usually cheaper than repairing the damage afterwards.

A hacker attack or the loss of sensitive data is often just a single click away. An infected e-mail in your employees’ inboxes can quickly lead to high claims for damages and costs for data recovery .

There is also a risk that your entire computer system will be paralyzed and you will then no longer be able to work. Cyber risk insurance offers protection with its own crisis experts and emergency measures. With “NEODIRECT CYBER +” you bring security into your company. Design your individual cyber insurance with our experts and take it out right away. Losses can be cushioned.



Protection for your digital assets


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Technical terms for cyber insurance business interruption

Cyber insurance reimburses you for the costs of a business interruption caused by the cyber attack.

Costs for an IT forensic scientist
In the event of damage, the insurance company will cover the damage incurred for IT forensics, right from the moment of suspicion.

notification costs
In the event of a claim, all of your customers must be notified of the data breach. These costs will be covered.

You should report an attack on your data to your insurer immediately so that a specialist can be called on immediately. Time is worth money here and the insurance company is also very interested in a quick solution.

In the event of a hacker attack or other cyber attacks, you can immediately fall back on a specialist.

It makes sense to act immediately and not to lose any time. To this end, IT experts immediately initiate suitable measures.

Crisis management and PR consulting

Specialists and experts will help you to inform your customers and business partners about the incident.

Data Recovery and Recovery
Your customers’ valuable data is restored and saved by IT forensic scientists.

system recovery
If you have high-quality and digitized processes, you can count on the full support of IT experts who will help you to be able to use the IT systems again as quickly as possible.



Cyber insurance protects you against damage that can result from a cyber attack or data loss. The threats range from hacking, data theft and espionage to sabotage and computer viruses. Every company that uses Internet services should protect itself – regardless of the industry. Malicious software from websites and emails can have catastrophic and very expensive consequences.


Whether you are a freelancer, self-employed or a large company: Cyber insurance is recommended for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Since not only large companies are in the sights of hackers, small companies can also fall victim to targeted and untargeted cyber attacks – especially since IT security is usually not that stable, especially in small companies. However, even excellent IT departments often do not have the necessary know-how and the ability to react quickly to optimally deal with a cyber incident.


INSURANCE BROKER CYBER PLUS offers coverage for damage caused by cyber incidents, for example

Violation of network security: Your IT system is being accessed or used in an unauthorized manner. A violation of network security occurs, for example, in the case of attacks by hackers in which data is deleted or encrypted, or when unauthorized persons receive access data through phishing and thus access the IT system. Network security breaches also include malware and denial-of-service attacks.

Operating errors: You or one of your employees use the IT system improperly and this leads to a loss of data.

Violation of data security: You violate contractual confidentiality obligations or legal data protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cyber extortion: You are unlawfully threatened with a network security breach or data security breach, and a ransom is demanded for failure to carry out the threat. Insurance cover exists for personal injury in the form of immediate assistance in an emergency, for costs and damage, and for damage caused by cyber business interruptions. Cyber insurance also covers financial losses suffered by third parties. WHAT TO DO IN THE EVENT OF A DAMAGE?

If a cyber attack is suspected, gather all information about the incident and follow your established contingency plan. Report the attack to the police immediately. It is advisable to contact a central contact point for cybercrime at the state and federal police for business (ZAC). Report the damage to your insurer immediately.