basic ability insurance

Have you ever thought about what happens when you can no longer see, speak, hear or use your hands? The loss of these basic abilities can have various causes such as illness, accident or loss of strength. “In this case, NEODIRECT ABILITY + ” (basic ability insurance) offers you compensation options that help you to continue participating in life.


Secure your livelihood



It makes sense to take care of basic skills insurance early on. If you are young and healthy, you get good protection at the best conditions.

Especially for professional groups that do heavy physical work, basic ability insurance is usually a much cheaper alternative to classic disability insurance, which, however, offers clear insurance protection.

Health questions must be answered fully and truthfully. Don’t hesitate to mention illnesses that you basically consider to be insignificant. Incorrect or incomplete information can release the insurer from his contractual obligations.

Don’t let the contract end too early, even if it seems cheaper. A term agreement up to your retirement age – for employees up to the age of 67 – is absolutely advisable in order to avoid payment gaps.

Calculate your needs taking into account other income to which you are entitled. It is advisable to pay attention to a supplementary insurance guarantee so that you can increase your pension later without a medical examination.