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Insurance digital and rethought!

Finally insurance digitally and without headaches to save costs ?
Then you are exactly right with us on generation x. We support you in digitizing your insurance and optimizing it at the same time.


Clear division of tasks. We support you with everything you need and you remain the boss.


All insurances in the app. Report damage, find documents anytime, anywhere.


Trained insurance brokers. Whether it is selecting the right products or in the event of damage, we are there for you.
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The new generation of insurance advice

Our online insurance comparisons show you the cheapest price quickly and easily. As your digital insurance broker, we compare almost all insurances available on the market that suit you and your needs. All contracts and documents always with you.

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You can change your data with one click? You have a new address?
Zack done 😉

No paper and quick quote

All paperless and completely digital. We prepare calculation and you can complete it yourself

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We are transparent and do not transfer all your contracts to our portfolio without your clear consent.
Neodirect Simplr App

All contracts in your pocket

Whether on a smartphone or PC. You always have your contracts with you and never have to look for them again.

Your documents always at hand

With just one click, you can easily upload photos of the damage.

We are there whenever you need us

All contact details! Always a contact person at hand.

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No contract and totally free . Activate contracts at any time and receive free offers.